Product Details

Glove Station The Combat Military Police Outdoor Sports Tactical Rubber Knuckle Gloves for Men


What’s in the Package
– 1 x Glove Station matte pouch soft plastic case
– 1 pair of Glove Station Tactical Rubber Knuckle gloves (left & right hand)

Product Feature

Maximum Protection with Flexibility
The molded knuckle plates protect your knuckles from harsh environments during operation while flexible neoprene joints provide an unhindered range of motion.


Build to Last. Built to Be Tough.
Meticulously crafted with double-stitched seams all throughout to be tough & durable for long-lasting use in any condition.

Extra Grip. Hold It Tight.
The added textured inner palm fabric enhances grip while the leather index & middle fingertips increase user dexterity for continual dependability.

Let the hands breathe
Full-length padded mesh runs throughout the back of the glove to let moisture out. Additionally, the rubberized aero vents improve airflow for faster heat dissipation.

P.S.These gloves are designed with molded rubber plates, and they provide sufficient protection to the knuckles without being too aggressive.

Gloves Material
Durable seamless synthetic leather for the PALM.
Breathable padded mesh fabric for the BACK.
Flexible neoprene fabric for the JOINTS.

Technical Specifics – Glove Measurement

Small(8) Size
Length: 8.75″
Width: 4.375″

Medium (9) Size
Length: 9.0″
Width: 4.5″

Large (10) Size
Length: 9.25″
Width: 4.75″

Extra Large (11) Size
Length: 9.5″
Width: 5.0″

2 Extra Large (12) Size
Length: 9.75″
Width: 5.25″

Please feel free to reach out to us for any product concern or size assistance




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