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Grab Green Grab Green Stoneworks Natural Laundry Pod and Dryer Sheet Kit, Olive Leaf, 80 Loads, Olive Leaf


Our goal is to take the chore out of cleaning and replace it with a little joy and a whole lot of healthy clean. Our line of Grab Green Stonework’s laundry care was designed as an antithesis to what we see on the shelves, bringing the beauty & Simplicity of nature back into our laundry routine. Our Stonework’s olive Leaf laundry detergent pods & dryer sheets kit is the most convenient laundry Duo to tackle all your laundry challenges. Stonework’s laundry detergent pods: our concentrated, pre-measured powder Laundry Detergent pods are EPA Safer Choice certified and specifically formulated to clean deeply, eliminate odors, fight stains and soften naturally without harsh, caustic chemicals or dyes, and will work in both high-efficiency and standard machines. To protect your family, We developed our powder pods to contain multiple layers of safety: simple, white powder pods don’t look like irresistible colorful candy; made with naturally-derived plant & mineral-based ingredients; extremely bitter tasting Bitrex outer film; powder pods are difficult to swallow. Unlike conventional detergents, our Clean rinse formula means you only have to rinse clothing and linens once to remove detergent residue. Stonework’s dryer sheets: sustainably-sourced and com post able, Grab Green Stonework’s dryer sheets naturally soften clothing and linens, and reduce static cling without unnecessary dyes, phthalates, wax or animal-derived ingredients. No wax means towels will remain absorbent, as they should be; no animal fats means zero animal-derived residue left behind. Kit: thoughtful package design includes our unique, light-weight paper-sack laundry pod pouch that is printed with water-based inks And includes a “squeeze & sniff here” To sample the fragrance (or fragrance free); both pouch and box feature hand-drawn illustrations with metallic accents in a range of earthy hues along with clear use instructions.




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