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Torex Cold Pack Black.


The premium latex-free and non-toxic materials that comprise the Torex Cold Therapy Flat Pack cold pack stay soft even when chilled, allowing the cold pack to mold to the body in ways no solid ice pack can. The curve-hugging capability of the Torex Reusable Gel Ice flat pack provide faster PAIN RELIEF, keep swelling to a minimum, and increase the overall effectiveness of cold therapy. Its durable construction allows it to be used over and over again.

Torex Ice Packs does not freeze solid – stays flexible and will remain pliable throughout treatment.
Store in the freezer or refrigerator.
Designed especially for clinic use in Cold Therapy
Delivers up to 30 minutes of cold therapy soothing relief from acute pain, swelling and fever
Includes zip-lock bag.
Re-usable and long lasting.
Made in USA.




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